Year 2016 Annual Astro Numerology Forecast

visharada numerology 2016 annual numerology forecast
2016 year is good for people who born on 1,10,19,28,2,11,20,29,3,12,21,30,9,18,27
2016 is an an average year people who born on 6,15,24,7,16,25
2016 is not favourable year for people who born on 4,13,22,31,5,14,23,8,17,26
Overall 2016 is good for real estate. People who deals fire related items will gain profits in business
When it comes to bad incidents many oil or petrol industries should be carefull fire may take place. last year suffered with earthquakes,rain ravaged madras so this year 2016 fire related accidents like bomb blasts may take place

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Aries-Mesha (March 21-April 20)
Arians this year could be a wonderful year for this sign, This year is friendly for this zodiac sign and these 1,3,6,9,12 months are favourable for them . Good news for this people who born under this zodiac sign waiting to induce married, already married can have fantastic married life. they can have time for rise and success in social ,political field and job can have excellent news concerning career and other people in business also will fancy growth in their business.
Flow of additional energy must be channelized , misuse of this energy could result disputes and proceeding. Married folks ought to additionally take further look after not to get entangled in further married relationships. Some health problems and troubles at maternal aspect is indicated. Just because of your wrong selections monetary position also will fluctuate time to time, folks concerned in speculations or stock commerce ought to become careful. Overall this can be a decent year (2016) and right time to attain desired goals.
You should be careful in this month August as per health

Numerologist in India :Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Taurus-Vrishbha (April 21- May 21)
People who born under this zodiac sign and born on sixth, fifteenth and twenty fourth of any month also are found with similar characteristics , Success magnitude relation can increase, accomplishment of name and fame is additionally seen throughout this year.
Success in amendment of home and place is indicated for them. Expenditure on furnishings and fixture is additionally indicated , investment on new properties is additionally seen. Feb, june and Nov are going to be extremely favorable for these folks however July month have to be compelled to be passed rigorously,health problems and expenses over the health problems within the family will produce tensions. Those who are willing to marry ought to be assured to induce an ideal partner during this year 2016, Even some people that don’t seem to be able to fancy their married life properly would even be having positive flip throughout this year 2016.
As per business and seeking financial backing from close friends or relatives .they must even be ready for intensive travel during this year 2016, even not solely business folks everybody of this sign have probability to maneuver out. Some people have to be careful based on antardasha Saturn can continue his transit in your seventh house, this may have an effect on relationships and business partnerships of you

Numerologists in India: Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Gemini-Mithuna (May 22- june 21)
People who born under this zodiac sign and born on 5 14 and 23 of any month relates to communication, youth, intelligence , finance , publishing, software system and selling. This is not a favourable year for Gemini persons they can have an effect on relationship .individuals in jobs might have transfer orders for Associate in Nursing unwanted location , they’ll face disputes at work place , individuals from business backgrounds might face monetary tightness. they’re suggested to not take risks in their business and let it move with own speed in 2016, Diversification and growth ought to be planed terribly rigorously . Married couples area unit extremely suggested to focus their relationships
Students are making ready for exams ought to focus additional then the previous years to attain the success
Matters associated with properties or disputes can take your time and are available to positive find yourself around half-moon of the year 2016. patience ought to unbroken whereas taking each call ‘yes’ and No’ ought to given solely when correct understanding and analysis on future effects of your answer which is able to increase tensions in personal life. Keep patience and live a harmless year.

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Cancer-Karkataka (June 22- July 22)
This zodiac sign described by cool, lovely and calm however unsteady confusion state. People should be careful in this year who born under this year ,They may loose power, aggression and dominating nature, creative , emotional and smart thinkers however unsteady mental waves. Support of Mars can offer power and energy their thought method and that they would be able to manufacture some smart , positive and inventive thoughts.
Positive mental attitude can develop positive atmosphere around them which can attract health , wealth and happiness. Positive support from guru (jupiter) can facilitate in gain monetary strength, skilled rise for people who are in jobs and business. people already married can fancy smart family life and bachelors can have higher prospects to induce married, your harsh words will spoil your relationships and image. Financially additionally you’re suggested to play safe, to not get entangled in speculations and creating straightforward cash. Transit of Guru in july-2016 in Virgo can offer journeys and edges from the journeys. Feb, Sept and Nov months are going to be extremely favourable

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Leo-Simha (July 23- August 23)
This year is very favourable for leo one represents power and another position. this may be a decent year for Leos, they’ll initiate new work , folks in jobs can have probability for increments and promotions, In Business goodprofits can attain during this year 2016.
Family problems and unfinished matters associated with parental property can get resolved, you may get the favor from the government, people who wants to buy any vehicle it’s a good year This year 2016 you may feel yourself terribly aggressive and energetic thus try and place that energy in right space, Your positive approach this year would create huge changes in your life.
As per financial matter middle of the year is favourble to leo’s

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Virgo-Kanya (August 24- September 23)
People born under this zodiac sign in this year they will take some strategic steps for growth and success they are going to spend some expenditure for good deeds, people who are married it’s a good year for them People who are working in govt or private sector could have opportunities to shift into business venture or to be freelance, New business contacts also will facilitate them for growth and success.As per court matters Legal battle ought to be avoided, if you’re already in any court related matters try to settle outside . Students should be careful to keep extra efforts in studies point of you.Feb , May, Jun and Nov are going to be special months , July and Sept can offer hardships.

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Libra-Tula (September 24- October 23)

This year are going to be packed with energy and Favourable for you, passion for work ,growth and celebration, Romance, friendly relationship and pleasure are going to be good , you may pay plenty of cash on yourself, friends and family celebrations. you may meet new folks and develop smart relationships with them, this may facilitate to extend social and business circle, people who are in commission can have support of seniors , elders in family. Income wise is good, new doors for further financial gain can open for hassle
People who are about to marry it’s a good year for them Over all a really smart year ahead . March, Jun , Sept and dec favourable months for them. Financial gain from foreign land and visits to foreign countries you have got to require care whereas dealing in properties, major cash group action and doing something new.

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Scorpio-Vrishcika (October 24-November 22)
A Good year ahead, perceive the worth of your time ,energy and relationships. Financially and professionally this may be a decent year for you, folks are going to be rewarded at work place where as in business can have a decent time to grow and expand their business. you may have smart choice to invest, people who have already endowed in properties and in alternative areas could expect permanent returns , they have a chance to reinvest their funds
Family point of you should be careful , you wish to stay patience and handle the case sedately. Bachelors should select partners cautiously
In this year you should keep yourself far from disputes and legal matters, any form of risk in business or short cut of success could cause tension to you. You will find new ways for income in which financial gains may favourble to you

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Sagittarius-Dhanus (November 23- December 23)
You are going to heard some bad news that won’t allow you to live peacefully , monetary losses , fulminant expenses , losses of relations and mental tensions can keep your bothering
You should be careful in taking any risk in business, speculation of cash and business associated with serious ups and downs ought to be avoided, even serious money handlings and giving and taking loans ought to even be performed rigorously .
Female persons could face health problems , attention to their health are going to be needed this year. Blessings of elders is extremely necessary. Support from friends will always be there towards you.people who are working should maintain good relationship with boss otherwise it effects your growth this year you need to work hard with proper strategy

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Capricorn-Makara(December 24- January 20)
In this year your are going to meet new friends, new associates and other people in life for future relationships and one thing new in life . you got to work an excessive amount of, if you’re in business , this may be packed with work load, for people who are in jobs can have intensive work load and movement. this difficult work can result with further profits and gains. Honesty is that the key for them to realize success,It’s something to provide to work in positive direction with honesty, any short cut can result back to collapsible .Fav months:Jun, March , Dec and July can bring favor for these folks.You will have support of elder in family and seniors at work,you should be careful in health point of view.At work place could have face some troubles and disputes from seniors and authority , Even folks from business background ought to additionally maintain their accounts and regularize tax matters.

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Aquarius-Kumba (January 21-February 19)
In this year you will getSupport and favors from friends and associates it turns into fortune, you will get favor from bank and government sector , even people who are attempting for govt jobs.people who are in politics it’s a good year for them ,At work place you additionally get support from subordinates people who are trying for transfers and job amendment also will have chance of moving from existing place to another place , businessmen’s can have support from their associates . Family life will be good specially for people who are married , bachelors could have struggle to seek out an ideal soul mates however finally success are going to be in luck. You should take care of your health in this months April, August, may

Astro Numerology analysis for year 2016 for Pisces-Meena (February 20-March 20)
This year is not favourable you are going to face bit of struggle ,Your hardwork and honesty won’t be appreciated this year, you have got to stay tons of patience this year. scenario can improve in july. You have to take care of your health luck also will not terribly sleek and simple. People who ought to initiate any new project or business ought to set up with proper planning , people who are in job have to be compelled to match the wavelength with their boss, be alert for major disputes at work place,you should plan financially very well in this year without proper planning you may get into financial troubles Legal disputes ought to be avoided .Favourable months:March, Jun, Sept and Dec months are going to be favorable

Note:Overall 2016 is good for real estate. People who deals fire related items will gain profits in business
When it comes to bad incidents many oil or petrol industries should be carefull fire may take place. last year suffered with earthquakes,rain ravaged Chennai so this year 2016 fire related accidents like bomb blasts may take place