Analysis on powerstar pawan kalyan party JANASENA Not a good name number

visharada-numerology-janasena pavan kalyan
Visharada Numerology (best numerologist in Vijayawada):JANASENA party name number is not a good name number due to this name number it states that ” a Good Man blinded by the trap of others”, some people around him wait for a chance to betray him,It’s a backpack on his back full of Arrows”. It’s a warning number of deceit,trance and trap, a good person who lives in a fool’s paradise like people around him may deceive and misleads him, he should be careful a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger,It is also a number of taking wrong decision owing to the influence of others,Even he wants to take his party forward this name number creates delays,disturbances and he is going to face many obstacles like financial problems finally visharada numerology suggests its better to alter his party name it should be like this JANNAA SENNAA OR JANAAH SENAAH