Numerology Analysis on Tamilnadu chiefminister Jayalalithaa

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Analysis on jayalalithaa

Jayalalithaa Jayaram, commonly referred to as Jayalalithaa, is an Indian politician who was Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Born: February 24, 1948

Best numerologist in Chennai:she is born on 24 she is lucky and gets assistance from all the people around her she is humble by nature and talented by getting her work done ,she is expressive and have creativity she forgives other’s mistakes what her best friend done to her,she is always wants to overcome failures,her day of birth states that she is born actress and her destiny tells that she is born leader for tamil nadu

Famous numerologist in Chennai :Previous name no JAYALALITHA gives financial problems,delays,disturbances in personal life she changed to jayalalithaa added one A to her name ,this new name number is very good name number all their plans will succeed they will earn fame respect honour when date of birth compatable,but this name no JAYALALITHAA is not suiting to her date of birth Hence visharada numerology suggests her name should be like this JAYALALETHAA

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