Out of These Three Food Apps Which One is the best as Per Numerology

Zomato,swiggy,uber eats

Zomato as per numerology they are clever thinkers at times they will involve in certain difficult tasks for their satisfaction without expecting any profit

Uber Eats vibration as per numerology those who with this name number they do progress at initial stage and get all the comforts but later they will face difficulties and struggles in their life ,they progress very fast but later they may end up with loss those who comes under this name number will get loss due to friends and relatives this vibration is the unlucky

Swiggy:As per Numerology this name vibration brings many problems however they will struggle without giving up in the end they will be successful this vibration will give permanent prosperity and fame sometimes the people with this vibration will risk their lives to attain their goals and prosperity
under this vibration world will never forget them

Finally in India uber have acquired by zomato

out of these 3 Swiggy vibration is somewhat good vibration

Note:numerology plays a vital role for business names before starting any business your business name has to suit to you it has to be in good vibration otherwise you may end up with loss