Business numerology analysis on orkut

Best numerologist in Gujarat Ahmedabad :Business numerology analysis on orkut
the reason behind shutting down orkut operations
orkut started on jan 24 2004 (6,4)
Famous numerologist in Gujarat Ahmedabad :orkut name no coming to 21(3) its a unlucky no for business point of you..its not synchronizing with above date so on period of 10 years of orkut 1st first five years played an important role it reached to people so fast but when it comes to next 5 years struggle started for more coincincidence they are going to shutdown on sept 30 2014 (3,1) the date no is 3 and orkut name no is 3

Numerologists in Gujarat Ahmedabad -note:when you want to start a business choose your lucky business name and color lucky dates it plays a vital role based on your dob ..y because life itself revolving on numbers..(consult professional numerologist)