Disastrous name number 44

44 visharda numerology
Disastrous name no 44

Name Number 44 is a disastrous number which takes you to heights and good recognition in society,this name no helps to earn money easily this no indicates danger from fire and collapse of building the person who is having this name number will have to spend some time in prison, and it leads to sudden downfall and end of life finally everything finishes in one overnight

Name Analysis

After analysing his name phil hughes it’s a death number of tragic end, few famous personalities having this name number

PRAMOD MAHAJAN his brother Pravin Mahajan, who was convicted for killing his brother, BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, has died in a Mumbai hospital.

MICHAEL JACKSON death was sudden and unexpected, leaving many grieving fans wondering

PONTY CHADHA was shot dead in Tussle with his own Brother

Visharada numerology suggests those who are facing any problems like health issues or family problems, financial troubles consult numerologist and check your name no is compatable with your date of birth or not