Go dhaan or offering a green grass to cow is an ultimate remedy to any problem

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Best numerologist in Hyderabad :The benefits of donating a cow are merely countless. It helps in creating an individual pure and helps him achieve the very best state of eternal blissfulness or heaven. One ought to gift a cow to Brahmin by decorating the cow by ornaments, in conjunction with artifact, Dakshina (fee) and jewellery.If one cannot afford donating a cow, then the person ought to gift some cash to the Brahmin.It is same that the Sun, Moon, Varuna, Agni, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva salute the one that donates cow benevolently,If we worship cow it equals to thirty three crores of demigods (devatas) that handle creation within the material existence throughout all the universes. Cows ar the godess of the gods bestow all kinds of happiness , they continuously are worshippable. Cows ar the support of all the worlds for by their milk they nourish terrestrials beings and by their clarified butter offered in sacrifice ,Cows ar the foremost of all creatures altogether the worlds. it’s from cows that the suggests that for sustaining the world has established. Cows are auspicious and sacred The Vedas have expressed that the milk of a cow is admire ambrosial nectar which clarified butter derived from cows milk is that the better than any other milk poured onto the sacred fires of brahmins.

Note :Visharada Numerology suggests if your facing any problem like health,marriage,financial problem,santan etc just offer a green grass to cow once in a week or whenever you have free time visit nearest goshala offer a food to cow all your problems will solve