Analysis on celebrity couple Amala Paul and Vijay why differences arised in between them?

Amala Paul is an Indian film actress, who works in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu film industries. After appearing in supporting roles in the Malayalam film Neelathamara and Veerasekaran in Tamil, she received critical acclaim for the portrayal of a controversial character in the film, Sindhu Samaveli. Despite the failure of that film, Amala became noted after playing the title role in Mynaa, receiving critical acclaim for her work

A. L Vijay, credited by his mononym Vijay, is an Indian film director who works in the Tamil film industry. A disciple of Priyadarshan, he debuted as director with films like Kireedam and critically acclaimed Madrasapattinam

A.l.vijay: June 18, 1979 (age 37), Andhra Pradesh

Amala Paul:26 October 1991 (age 24)

vijay soul no 1

Numerologists in Chandigarh:If the person you are interested in is a 1 Soul Number:
The 1 Soul Number is fulfilled when they have a personal victory,
when they have won some sort of a competition, when they feel that
whatever they do is treated with respect, and when they have the
courage to be just who they are and are accepted for it. If they do not
feel validated in their relationship, it can turn sour real fast.

Amala paul soul no 3
If the person you are interested in is a 3 Soul Number:
The 3 Soul Number is fulfilled when they can laugh and have great conversation
with the person that matters most to them. The 3 Soul Number
is never shy about giving their advice, and if you take it, you will see
appreciation in their eyes. Not to mention, they tend to know what they
are talking about, so taking their suggestion is a smart move on your part!
Long-lasting friendships are also very important to the 3 Soul Number.

Personality Number:2
The people with a 2 Personality Number are gentler, more relaxed.
They value harmony, tranquility, and love, above all else. They make
friends easily. Once they do befriend you, they are loyal. They are
not aggressive, unless other numbers in their Numerology Blueprint
encourage them to be so. If a 2 Personality Number has a strong person
in their love relationship, then they will do whatever they can to help
their partner succeed. This is true especially if it is an endeavor that
helps a lot of people at the same time. The 2 Personality cares deeply
about their fellow man. This Vibration can be too sensitive and needs
to measure their emotional involvement in other people’s misfortunes.
Unless they maintain an emotional distance, they will find themselves
unable to effectively lend assistance.

Personality Number:9
The 9 Personality Number has a lot of wisdom and is charismatic,
so you will notice them when they enter the room. If you give them
an assignment, they will get the job done. They are the ones you will
think you may have met before. You will look at one and think, “Do
I know that guy? Do I know that girl?” Subconsciously there is something
that automatically makes us look up to them.
Because of this innate power, sometimes when they speak and
they are just expressing their opinion, they sound patronizing to the
listener. That is something that a 9 Personality has to be aware of.
What the 9 Personality Number wants most is to feel that they are
making a positive impact on the world.
If you are fortunate enough to share your life with a 9 Personality
Number you will find they are very protective of you and the family.
They are aware of what their parents did wrong when they were
young and will do whatever they can to get it right. It is not easy for
a 9 Personality to ask for help, so if you are already married to one,
or you are falling in love with a 9 Personality, be sure to check in on
them emotionally. If something seems wrong, come right out and ask
them how they are doing. The 9 Personality will be beyond grateful
that you even noticed because, although they truly welcome your
caring, they have become very good at hiding their vulnerability.

powername no:5
The 5 Power Name Number is high energy and a very dynamic personality.
They are fast thinkers and are usually loaded with ideas. When
you love a 5 Power Name Number, know that they must have the
freedom to come and go as they please. If you understand this need,
your relationship will go much more smoothly. If you try to control
them, the 5 Power Name Number will exit stage left, and they could
exit permanently if you are too controlling.
They love to celebrate life. They can be found anyplace people
congregate for fun. They love people and are fascinated by their
comings and goings. The 5 Power Name Number always digs for the
truth and is not satisfied until they find out what is going on. They
love a good story. They can be very giving. The Power Name Number
5 loves to give you the perfect gift. They must be careful not to give so
much that it makes it impossible for someone to reciprocate. This can
put them in the “martyr” mode. When the 5 Power Name Number is
well adjusted, they create a joyful ambiance wherever they go.

powername no:1
Those who have the 1 Power Name Number possess a strong desire to
be the best. They are critical of themselves; therefore, they are critical
of the people in their lives. So if you love someone with the 1 Power
Name Number, you need to be aware of that. They are not trying to
be hurtful, they just have high standards for themselves, and they are
trying to bring out the best in everyone, including you.
It is important that the 1 Power Name Numbers find a way to be
respected and not feel controlled. They are entrepreneurial and it is
best that they run things themselves (or at least think that they do). If
they are interested in sports or intense workouts, this is a smart way
for the 1 Power Name Number to release their stress.

Birth Day Number :9
The 9 Birth Day Number
If you are interested in someone born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th:
Those born on a 9 Day give people the impression they are in control
and know what to do. The 9 does not necessarily want to lead,
Is What You See Really What You Get?
the people in their lives push them to the head of the line. Others will
assume that they are in charge of whatever is going on. They may
come up and ask them for directions if the 9 Birth Day Number is walking the street, and address them in the native tongue of whatever
country they may be visiting, or even try to pay them if they are
waiting in line for some event! What is interesting is that the 9 will
actually assume responsibility. They will want to come through for
those who are depending on them. They usually have a nice smile and
an air about them that makes it difficult to ignore them.

Birth Day Number:8
If you are interested in someone born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th:
Someone born on an 8 Day is typically business-minded and efficient.
It is not surprising to see both the men and women with tasteful
jewelry, finely tailored clothes—always something that tells you that
they appreciate quality. The 8 Birth Day is outspoken, and you never
have to wonder what is on his or her mind. You must be willing to
give them the floor when they need to express their opinions. Help
them understand that “stuff happens,” so if things go wrong they
know they are not the target of a conspiracy. This would be a good
mate for an upbeat person who is also a natural cheerleader.


After analysing there love chart they have more challenge numbers in their chart and destinies are not matching each other so differences arised in between them ..they should be adjustable all the time

let’s hope for the best

Note:It’s a wake up call for u people who are heading towards love marriage or arrange marriage go to renowned numerologist cum astrologist and check your both dob’s are suiting or not then only proceed for marriage otherwise your dreams are going to be in vain