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Lecher Antenna
Lecher Antenna Vaastu Rectification:Ernst Lecher discovered the principle of measuring energy in 1890. The Lecher Antenna was developed by German physicists in 1975 supported Dr. Lecher’s principle. In ancient days “Intuition” was the one and only way to notice the body vibration. It can’t be proven. however currently there’s an instrument that measures the Energy fields encompassing the physical body. To find out the physical health of person and diseases within the body . If the energetic and material body alignment is corrected then you’ll recover With full potential, healthful sleep, attain your goals, turned to the proper changes: Love, progress, Prosperity, Health, Satisfaction, authorization, Money, and Happiness
The Lecher Antenna could be a delicate energy instrument that may even be accustomed and enhance the health of human and animals and their energy fields.
It is a lively diagnostic tool that may be accustomed establish and proper health imbalances, environmental aggressions and nutritionary needs and most significantly assist you to pick out personalised treatment for ill health .it’s an energy diagnostic tool that may be utilized in varied ways in which to live the delicate energy fields around environmental and ecological substances and to live your own and different people’s energy fields.

Lecher Antenna relies upon Nano Technology. This technology utilized in atom level. it’s a small million minute however most powerful technology. By this technology, we will do several things. As per this theory our Lecher antenna is functioning.
– In quarter of wave (phy/4) = parallel resonant circuit (or open)
– In half-wave (phy/2) = resonant circuit series (or short-circuit)
With a generator of Ghz, emitting within the cent metric waves, the correspondence on the antenna is checked. The cent metric scale of the antenna conjointly makes it attainable to understand harmonies with organic resonance within the spectrum..

Lecher Antenna-Numerology
Lecher Antenna Numerology:You can use the the Lecher antenna to measure vibrations hidden within the alphabets and numbers.we will use to measure the vibrations in any name.
Each name possesses totally different vibrations for the initials, middle and last name and overall vibrations. We measure these vibrations with lecher antenna during a name correction with this antenna to give exact vibration of the name.

Gemmology-Leicher Antenna

We will check the compatibility of your lucky gems using leicher antenna.certain gems will do more harm to you so before wearing to your skin ,should check whether that gem is suiting or not to you.

Vaasthu Shastra-Lecher Antenna
Lecher Antenna vaastu shastra:The Indian building science, primarily deals with 2 energy sources — the alternative energy flux and geomagnetic energy flux. The aim is to manage the flow of those energies by choosing correct direction and alignment.

Prosperous life is relying upon their living place and surroundings. If there’s any defect in living house the person living there’ll be quarrels, misunderstanding in family, dangerous economic conditions health condition.

With Lecher Antenna we will determine the negative defects in our living place & surroundings we can rectify it using lecher antenna