Love Analysis on siddharth and samantha

Love Analysis on siddharth and samantha

Siddharth is an Indian film actor, producer and playback singer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, who mainly works in the South Indian film industry. He occasionally works as screenplay writer as well.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu is an Indian film actress and model, who mainly works in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. Samantha was raised in Chennai and pursued a career in modeling during her late teens.

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Numerologists in Rajasthan Jaipur :siddharth (8,2) and samantha (1,3) both 1 and 8 no’s are opposite but they attract each other,samantha (3) born wants to maintain affair secretly they are flexible adjustable depends on situation and she is dominating ,1 born girl should never marry 8 born men.. here 1 samantha and 8 siddharth not at all good for marriage even there destiny also not good ..samantha (3) is a dominating nature where as siddharth (2) is a cool nature always looking for change,even i analysed there names that’s also not suiting,even if they marry each other it’s not a permanent bonding between them,based on my analysis they both are good for business but not good for marriage,i think they both perform pooja in srikalahasti,let’s hope for best ..

Note:It’s a wake up call for u people who are in love go to renowned numerologist cum astrologist and check your both dob’s are suiting or not then only proceed for marriage otherwise your dreams are going to be in vain