Marriage dates and consequences

Best numerologist in Kerala-Trivandrum:4,5,8 dates of wedding, as these dates don’t seem to be good for wedding.
1) those who marry on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st or the assemblage of their wedding date, means, date ,month and therefore the year, once it comes range four, they’ll face financial problems throughout their lives. Then such couple can fight with one another simply on financial disturbances and many of them get separated,number 4,13,22 of the wedding date creates monetary issues and results in separation.

2) 5th as wedding date: those who marry on 5th ,14th and 23rd then the couple gets separated by misunderstanding, arguments, and gets divorced.

3) 8th as wedding date or 17thor 26th then the separation time, one in eight years from the date of wedding and such separation are going to be horrible, means that married person gets mental , physical torture ,food poisoning and separation by death of the partners and generally each.

Famous numerologist in Kerala-Trivandrum :From my expertise, those who had their partner harmonious with their birth no had a goodwedding. If the vibrations were bad, the wedding was bad. therefore I recommend marrying a partner with harmonious numbers
Numerologists in Kerala-Trivandrum-Note :As far my experience 70% cases are suffered with above dates so try to avoid these date for marriage 4,13,22,31,5,14,23,8,17,26 its not at all good for marriage