Numerology Analysis 2018

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Year 2018 Annual Astro Numerology Forecast

visharada numerology 2018 annual numerology forecast

2018 year is good for people who born on 1,10,19,28,2,11,20,29,3,12,21,30,7,16,25

2018 is an an average year people who born on 5,14,23,6,15,24

2018 is not favourable year for people who born on 4,13,22,31,8,17,26,9,18,27

Overall 2018 is good for creative field like movies,fashion designers,graphics,animators. People who deals liquids related items like liquor,paints,milk,water etc will gain profits in business as health point of view 2 borns should be careful they may face problems with Heart, lungs, left eye, breast, brain, blood, body fluids, tube feeding, intestinal, renal and lymphatic duct. it can cause sleeplessness, lack of intelligence, asthma, and blood related problems. Problems related to diabetes, menstruation, appendix, lung disorders, cough and vomiting

we can expect more floods in this year 2018 severe flooding in the northwestern states of india.Severe rainfall over the Himalayas and in the states of Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, and Assam

Personal Year Number for 2018 can be calculated with the help of the day of birth and the month of birth.


If the day of birth is September 18, Personal Year for 2018 can be calculated in the following manner:

1. Add the day and month of birth and reduce it to a single digit.

In this case it will be: 18+9=27, 2+7=9.

2. Next reduce the current year 2018 to a single digit. 2+0+1+8=11, 1+1=2.

3. By adding both the numbers, 9+2=11=1+1=2, you get 2 as your Personal Year Number for 2017.

Personal Year 1

A one personal year brings new beginnings and new concepts,new ideas it’s a time to launch new projects, new businesses, new relationships. you will notice that things that are necessary within the last decade roughly lose their importance currently as new concepts take their place.
In a one personal year, you’re setting the stage for subsequent 9 years of your life. this is often not a time to take a set back and watch for things to happen. you may have the chance to start out creating things happen. the things that you simply do and dream this year contain the seeds for the plants that may grow over subsequent 9 years

Personal Year 2
Focus on relationship

A two personal year may be frustrating with relationship ,think twice before you take any decision this can be the year that seeds begin to grow relationships and projects you’ve begun need nurturing and patience. this can be a year to stay away or focus on relationship whereas you still hinge on your dreams.
In a two personal year, the main focus could be on relationships, it isn’t uncommon for new relationships to start out and old ones to finish throughout this personal year.

personal year 3
In a three year, you’ll begin to ascertain the fruits of your labor. the three year could be a good year filled with excitement and creativeness. you’ll end up concerned during a whirl of activities, social, business and romantic. It’s better you choose a path either teaching or business Success always with you, and opportunities to expand your circles can abound. the most important issue you’ll face is an overabundance of opportunities.
The 3 personal year over and over may end up that he will focus on others problems he will least bothered about his problems

personal year 4
A four year could appear uninteresting and restrictive, however it’s the time after you are cementing your foundations and set everything you’ve accomplished within the past 3 years. this can be the year that you simply can become awake to the responsibilities and work needed to take care of the momentum required to make your dreams true. A four year is a perfect year to require an in depth inspect your finances and physical desires and do what you have got to confirm that your desires are met.becareful while driving vehicles ,abroad chances are bright for people having personal year 4

personal year 5
the 5 year may be a year of joy, fun, and pleasure.The five is that the most sensual and artistic of all numbers. Opportunities for travel, enrichment and excitement can usually come back your manner in an exceedingly five personal year. this can be a good year to launch yourself from last year’s foundation. you’ll realize that this year brings wealthy rewards.

personal year 6
Family and friends soulmate play an important role in 6 personal year its time to get into new relationship,money comes easily to you and you will spend like anything saving is the most important plan your expenses otherwise you will end this year with financial trouble you in terms of relationship may find yourself completing and letting go off old ones

Personal Year 7
this 7 year, Many people find themselves questioning the purpose of their life, and turning towards spirituality. A 7 year is a good time to spend time alone,many obstacles will come when it comes professional or personal life ,married life problems will face it may lead to divorce,skin diseases may occur should be careful health point of you

personal year 8
most of your works getting delayed,failures,challenges. you may face health issues ,you are not helped by others when it comes to financial matters you have a strength to handle all kinds of projects successfully,dont undertake jobs that are beyond your capacity,becareful financial point of view if interested in politics attains high post In this year you should be careful in terms of any relationship

personal year 9
the native become restless and it create problems in marital life, you should be careful with fire you progress rapidly on your chosen path .Avoid taking risks doing daring acts unnecessarily .surgical operations may take place be careful. you should involve some kind of regular religious practice that involves chanting