Numerology Analysis on Byju’s

Numerology Analysis on Byju’s

Byju’s app was developed by Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd, a company which was established by Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath and a group of students in 2011 In August 2015, the firm launched Byju’ s:The Learning App In 2017, they launched Byju’s Math App for kids and Byju’s Parent Connect app

By 2018, it had 15 million users out of which 900,000 were paid users at that time.

Numerology Analysis

As per numerology the firm with this name number will face huge loss in business and unexpected sorrowful events
with this vibration they will face lots of difficulties they do manage to come up in life but they would lead huge loss, full of struggles ,sudden shocking turbulence will take place they are strong people but they should be honest in all their dealings that will bring them success

Finally they will lead to losses

The people or firm with this name number will take you to the heights and will make you billionaire too but they should be honest in all their financial dealings otherwise they will end up with huge loss

This name vibration is not desirable