Prashna Astrology

one of the most powerful techniques of Vedic astrology is Prasna

Prasna means question In other words called as Horary Astrology

Most of the people heard about prasna

prasna astrology is difficult to analyze and it requires appropriate training Even Vedic

astrologer capable to read a chart will not be able to analyze prasna

I analyzed thousands of prasnas and results are accurate

Before asking a question need to consider guidelines

prepare mentally and spiritually

Pray to GOD He will answer your question through astrologer

send your question it has to be clear and specific it has formulate in one sentence

you can send us questions based on below:

Health, Finance, Property, Business, Court Cases, Elections, Relationships, Vehicle

Education, Marriage, Career & Job, Loans, Travel, Fortune, Children, Foreign, Enemies

For each question our fee is 101rs

Don’t ask the exact same question within 3 months period

please send your details to this Email we will answer all your questions within 24 hrs.


date of birth:

time of birth:

send the date and time of query( at what time your sending questions to us)

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select one number in between 1 to 249 and send us

For each question our fee is 101rs

FYI: Don’t club 3 questions in one question we will answer only for one question