visharada numerology-pronology

Pronology means when two letters united, their separate wavelengths meet and generate a certain sound that can be positive or negative vibration

Astrologers in Vizag :Every person name contains good and bad vibrations based on the grouping of letters in it. character, prosperity, fame and good health depend on how his or her name is pronounced.

According to the sciences of pronology and numerology, we can improve our lives and reduce troubles if we make few changes to our name as per the rules of this historic knowledge.

Pronology examine sound vibrations in a name while numerology deals with numerical values of each letter assigned to the name.By making small correction to your name can change your fate, stresses persons facing challenges in the areas of health, relationship and prosperity, or obstacles in life, visharada checks on how their name is pronounced.

Famous Astrologers in Vizag:For example, the letters O and N appearing together in a name. The numerological value of O is 6 and that of N is 5.The sum of the two is 11, whether the letters occur as “ON” or “NO”.But ON denotes forward movement and positive action, whereas NO has a negative action

Visharada says pronology suggest an understanding of both the forces that may occur in a name and gives people an chance to act accordingly to remove the bad effects and increase the favourable values.

Best Astrologers in Vizag:Our name is like a mantra. When it is frequent like a chant it vibrates a certain sound which vibrates an influence on the cells in our body. This may produce auspicious or inauspicious,Women having good-sounding names can be assured of a happy, peaceful and comfortable life.

To boost the power of a good name, visharada suggests that people should write their name in red ink and capital letters prescribed times daily on a white sheet of paper.

If the above exercise are done consciously for 180 days continuously, an individual can expect to see the desired result in his or her life within this period.

If you place a new letter to boost your name or remove one to correct any ill effects, what is essential here is for the exercise to be done with complete trust in expectation of the good and quick results.