South Actress Tamannaah and Raai Laxmi following numerology changed their names

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Best numerologist in Uttar Pradesh Agra :Tammanna changed to Tamannaah Bhatia is an Indian film actress and model
Born:21 December 1989 (age 24)

Tamanna Bhatia

Tammannaah born on dec 21 1989 her day of birth and destiny is 3,6.. previous name no is (21)tammanna this tammanna name no is anti no to her destiny no so she change to TAMMANNAAH this name no is good name no supporting to both birth and destiny numbers..she is getting offers in bollywood she has to wait for good break in bollywood already she is rocking in tollywood and kollywood

Raai Laxmi

Famous numerologist in Uttar Pradesh Agra:lakshmi rai changed to Raai Laxmi is an Indian film actress appearing in South Indian films
Raai Laxmi born on May 5, 1989 (age 25)

Numerologists in Uttar Pradesh Agra:Raai laxmi born on may 5th 1989 her day of birth and destiny is 5,1 her previous name no is super name no but she changed to RAAI LAXMI there is no use to change to raai laxmi why because its producing same vibrations if she uses laxmi she has to face unexpected shocks,so she has to use RAAI LAXMI ,according to me previous name no is the best name no for RAAI LAXMI