The rise and fall of sahara chief Subrata Roy

visharda sahara
Best numerologist in Pune:Subrata Roy, Sahara is an Indian businessman and the founder and chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar

Subrata Roy Born: June 10, 1948 (age 66)

Famous numerologist in Pune:subrata roy name no is not a good name no it indicates uncertainites ,treachery and deception of others,unexpected dangers,unreliable friends and grief and deception caused by members of opposite sex it gives grave warning concerning future events

Numerologists in Pune :sahara:sahara name no is not a good name no It is a symbol of power this name number tells us indicating change of plans, sahara name number will be given power at the same time should use properly if wrongly used it leads to destruction,its a number of warning of the unknown or unexpected

sahara india pariwar is a good name no within short span of time company earned international reputation,sahara india is also good name no and suiting to subrata roy, unfortunately most of the people will call sahara only, calling name plays a vital role in fall of sahara

subrata roy bought ipl team pune warriors,later pune warriors terminated from ipl,pune warriors name no is neither fortunate nor unfortunate,pune warriors name no is anti no to subrata roy