Tragic incident happens on these dates 4,9,8 its a deadly combination

Tragic incident happens on these dates 4,9,8 its a deadly combination
The tragic incident of VNR College engineering students from Hyderabad drowning in River Beas ..sad incident happened on june 8th and river beas name comes to 11 its a suicidal no… 4,9,8 its a deadly combination …most of the incidents happened on like tsunami occured on dec 26 2004 (8),japan tsunami: march 11 2011(9) ,December 22 2000(4): terrorist attack on Red Fort(4),December 13, 2001(4): Indian Parliament attack in New Delhi
September 8, 2006(8) :Malegaon bombings: Series of bomb blasts in the vicinity of a mosque in Malegaon, February 18, 2007 :Samjhauta Express bombings
May 18, 2007: Mecca Masjid bombings

Few months back malaysia airline missed on march 8th 2014
Mystery of the Malaysia Airlines
4 & 8 together creates disaster.
They r karmic no. & unpredictable.
On March 8, 2014 Flight MH370 took off in Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 am.
March 8 adds to 8 day ruled by saturn shani
12:41 am adds up to 8.
ACARS Shutdown — which transmits key information on the plane’s mechanical condition — is manually shut off and stops sending data at 1:07 am, which equals 8.
The pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is 53(8) years old.
Transponder switches OFF: The plane’s transponder — which relays radar information on the plane’s location and altitude — stops transmitting at 1:21 am, which equals 4.
LAST Radar Contact: The plane slips off Malaysian civilian radar screens at 1:30 am which adds up to 4…
… while it continues to blip on military radars until 2:15 am which equals 8.
The co-pilot’s current name “Fariq Ab Hamid” adds up to 13(4).
“Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah” ‘s official name resonates to 40(4).
Sheer amount of BOTH 4s and 8s creates an exponential energy release