Under-19 Bengal Cricket player dies after on-field accident


Ankit keshri born on october 28 1994
Astrologers in Visakhapatnam:AnkitKeshri, a former captain of the Bengal Under-19 team, died on Monday morning in Kolkata three days after a freakish accident on the cricket field. Keshri had collided with his team-mate Sourabh Mondal on Friday while attempting a catch and had been rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing briefly. Though his condition improved, he eventually died of a cardiac arrest.

Famous Astrologers in Visakhapatnam :In the penultimate over (44th) of the Bhowanipore innings, Mondal, who was bowling, rushed to take a catch that was hit towards cover. Keshri was fielding at deep cover and charged in too. Neither of the two noticed the other and collided. According to Shibsagar Singh, who was fielding at point, Mondal’s knee crashed into Keshri’s head and neck region.

Ankit Keshri had come in as a substitute fielder

Analysis on name number

Best astrologers in visakhapatnam:Ankit Keshri name added to 31 (4) unpredictable & dangerous no even their death will be sudden and abrupt

4 & 8 together creates disaster
This year 2015 (8) is not good for name no. 4
Running in his unlucky 21st(3) year
This incident also happened in 44th(8) over
This incident happened on 17th(8) april
Finally Our thoughts and condolence with family and friends of ‎Ankit Keshri‬ may his soul rest in peace