why Shahrukh Khan is Salman’s arch-rival ?

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Best numerologist in Howrah :There’s been ongoing spat between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan for quite an lasting. though the 2 hugged it out at AN Iftar party last year and once more this year proving that they’re still civil, they still go head-to-head at the box office.

Famous numerologist in Howrah :Despite having enmity towards one another, the 2 Khans manage to stay their relationship professional and civil. In fact, they don’t have a retardant talking regarding each other while not showing any hatred either

Numerologists in Howrah:Salman previously said about his relationship with Sharukh and he had nothing bad to say about him despite their alleged quarrel.“I like Shah Rukh though we do not get along and don’t talk,” said Salman.

sharukh Born: November 2, 1965 (age 48), New Delhi 2 7 6

salman Born: December 27, 1965 (age 48), Indore 9 6 3

Sharukh khan day of birth 2 and salman day of birth is 27, both day of birth anti numbers to each other coming to their name numbers salman khan name no is 30 and sharukh khan name no is 42 both name numbers are anti numbers to each other that’s why Shahrukh Khan who is Salman’s arch-rival