Y these two pairs got separated?

Y these two pairs got separated?
Hrithik Roshan
born on:10 January 1974
current age:(age 40)

Best numerologist in Haryana-chandigarh :Hrithik destiny clearly states that he may have an affair in future or present,there is a chance another girl may come into his life and hrithik roshan name no is 7 itself tells that unhappy married life

Name : Suzanne Roshan
Birth name : Suzanne Khan
Date of birth : October 26, 1978
Age : 35 years

Famous numerologist in Haryana-chandigarh:suzzane date of birth tells that unlucky in love,relationship and marriage life, she born 26(8) her destiny is 7, people who are having destiny 7 or name number 7 or day of birth 7 leads to unsuccessful married life,marital problems will occur…her old name is suzzane again 7 in her name number, she recently changed to sussanne(4)

present name no also unlucky no for her..I guess she faced lot of problems in her life and her current age 35 is unlucky for her

Pavan Kalyan south india powerstar
Born: September 2, 1971 (age 42)
Numerologists in Haryana-chandigarh :Here pavan kalyan name number coming to 7 …7 itself plays a vital role in married life it leads to divorce,disturbences in married life, in most of the cases unhappy married life..pavan kalyan name no is synchronising with his dob his name and fame grows day by day

Renu Desai is a former model and actress.
Born: December 4, 1981 (age 32), Pune
Spouse: Pawan Kalyan
Here renu desai destiny is 8 that itself telling unlucky in love,relationship and married life and her current age is 32 is lucky for her career wise she produced a film in marathi ‘mangalashtak once more’ it was a hit

so finally 7 and 8 plays a vital role in married life they have to marry right person